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Brand New Canada Immigration Program Launched Will Allow 15,995 Plus Nigerians To Relocate To Canada Via The Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot Program

An Easier Relocation Option For Every Nigerian Looking To Get Permanent Resident In Canada.

Dear Friend.

I am sure that by now, you have heard about the various relocation options to Canada.

You have probably heard about the two most common yet difficult relocation options most Nigerians are going through right now to LEGALLY relocate to Canada.

  • The Express Entry program
  • The Provincial Nominee program.

If either of these two has not worked for you.

Then I have something interesting that would make it all easy for you to see yourself in Canada before the end of 2020.

Trust me on this.

But before I go on, I have some questions to ask you.

Would you like to know about an easier relocation program you can start working with today and be in Canada within the next 6-9 months?

Have you been having difficulty with your Canada relocation process and simply stuck and do not even know if you can still move to Canada with your family?  

Would you like to learn more about an easier route that you can easily go through starting today and get your permanent resident in Canada?

If you would like to have this done.

Then you can go right ahead reading what I have for you on this page.

One of the reasons why lots of people are looking for a way out of Nigeria is simply because of one reason only.

Nigeria Has Failed Us Hence The Alternate Option To Relocate

Which is also why I decided to relocate
I and my family a few years ago.

And the truth is that the government is still not doing anything to improve the lives of what we want to have in our society.

Should in case your eyes are not opened to how messed up this country is.

Here are some of them

  • The economy is in shambles and only the lying politicians are enjoying our commonwealth.
  • Kidnappings are increasing daily and are getting closer to you.
  • Education is a mess and still EXPENSIVE with no guarantee of what happens next
  • Boko Haram is ruling a part of the country as large as the North East.
  • Opportunities are shrinking and things are getting worse day by day, every day

  • Medical Healthcare is still not accessible with an increasing mortality rate

Plus many more. 

Which is why you need to take your decision to
relocate to Canada very serious.

You may have heard of the Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program and may even want to apply or have applied and could not complete the process, but as you already know, tens of thousands of Nigerians apply each year, but only about 8,000 will be successful this year through the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

In 2017, only 5,129 Nigerians were granted a Canadian Permanent Residency of which myself and my family were included.

In 2018, only 6,025 Nigerians were granted a Canadian Permanent Residency.

In 2019, a little less than 7,895 Nigerians were granted a Canadian Permanent Residency through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program.

And for the year 2020, the projection is that less than 9,000 will be successful in their FSW application.


But here is another thing you need to know

A lot of people will fail in their application to relocate
irrespective of the program they decide to go through.

Why is that?

It's simple.

According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which is the department of the Government of Canada with the responsibility for matters dealing with immigration to Canada, refugees and Canadian citizenship, applications are mostly rejected on the grounds of misrepresentation, health, and criminality.

Around 70% of the Applications are Rejected Because...

There are mistakes made in the applications!

The Immigration process is unforgiving because it's done online and there are hundreds of thousands of applicants from around the world sending similar applications to the same office. So no one has time to seek you out for redress or correction.

 If you want to relocate to Canada, there are two things you must bear in mind:

  1. Canada targets to bring in 1 million immigrants between 2018 to 2020. You probably know this already. For 2018 alone, the Canadian authorities announced that they have welcomed 82,000 people. in 2019 despite the steady increase in cutoff marks a lot more people were accepted (figure yet to be published, but it's over 200,000 from around the world), which means there's still an opportunity for a lot of immigrants. one million people is a lot but that does not mean everyone who applies will get in.
  2. ​Canada’s Immigration Policies change from time to time and while we're happy that the last Federal Elections went our way, the process is getting tweaked and amended almost every month. What this means is this… what you are working with, the information you currently have could be outdated. And unless you have the right (recent) one, and know exactly what the new changes are, you'd most likely fail at your application.

As more people apply and try to get into Canada, the policies get tighter. The minimum requirements that got people into Canada 2 years ago won’t get you in today. You can ask around or you could just Google search the cutoff marks for the past 2 years and observe the steady increase. You have to act now!

So what should you do?

This Is Where We Come in.

To you reading this page right now and feeling like you would not be able to go through either the express entry program or the provincial nominee program probably due majority to these two reasons

  • Having to show high proof of funds that most Nigerians do not have.
  • Having to get a CLB of 8 and above in your IELTS which most Nigerians don’t have time to study for leading to having to write the exam multiple times till you give up.

While a few Nigerians like myself are lucky to have these two that has allowed us to relocate to Canada with my family.

So many people do not have these two.

This is why this new program just released by the Canada Government is For You Reading This Page Today.

The Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot
Program was just recently opened In November
2019 which allows more people to relocate to
Canada in a more easier process.

And the good thing about this program is that.

Anyone Can Apply For The Type Of Job They Are Looking For
Based On Their Educational background.

Here is what you need to know about us

My name is Daniel Ola and my co-author is Nike Johnson and we will be your guide all through your Canada Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot application process.

Why me?

Here's a little story about me.

I started looking for a way out of Nigeria as far back as 2009.

I tried the US Visa lottery for several years, wasted my time, money and efforts only to be rejected year after year. I even paid several agents hundreds of thousands of Naira hoping that once I paid them, I would have my visa straight into the US.

It Was In July 2016 I got to know about

the Canada Express Entry Program 

I quickly figured out that it was designed to offer skilled workers from around the world a Permanent Residency in Canada.

Even better, the process wasn’t a lottery and wasn’t down to just luck.

It’s a point-based system, where the people with the highest scores in the pool of interested migrants are invited to Apply.

Of course, this was a better system and I thought to myself, I couldn’t and I wouldn’t let this one slide past me again… not after all I had been through while trying to obtain the US Express Entry Visa.

I started my research, attended seminars, spent some money and time but in the end, it was worth it. I received an invitation to apply for the Canada PR and...

By March 2017, I Departed Nigeria for Ontario, Canada.


I have shared my knowledge with several people, some have fully migrated with their families while others are in advanced stages of the application.

So I decided to commit myself to help Nigerians with the most detailed information they would need in other to plot their relocation into Canada to save others the stress I went through in my time and the unnecessary waste of money consulting with the wrong agents who do try and error.

Ever since, I have written best-selling books on how to relocate to Canada through routes that have helped many people arrive in Canada with a job that is the best way for most Nigerians who are not eligible for the Express Entry and PNP routes either due to the cost or other factors such as high IELTS scores or age factors.

Knowing fully well that a lot of Nigerians value information such as this, I have taken the time and effort to put together a detailed step-by-step guide for people who wish to relocate to Canada and don't know how to go about it or have tried and failed in the past or maybe you don't have the money to waste on Visa Agents.

The information in this guide is easily the most detailed and informative you can find on this Brand new pathway into Canada, which is the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

This guide of that has been co-authored by Nike Johnson and is titled:

Best and Latest Route To Canada For Anyone:

The Step by Step Guide on How to Apply for The 
Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

If you want to successfully relocate to Canada via this program, 

Get this step-by-step guide first

Here's why.

This guide shows you the practical process to go about the rural and northern immigration program from start to finish.

You will be learning…

  • How To Apply For Canadian Jobs From Nigeria
  • How To Structure Your Resume Styled the Way Canadian Employers Want
  • How To Get a Canadian Phone Number (Video)
  • How To Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Use It to Get Job Offers from Canada
  • Canadian Legitimate Job listing websites
  • The proper way to use degree verifying bodies and institutions that could help facilitate the program and why you should choose the one I recommend
  • The MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know about sending your transcript for verification, so it doesn't get delayed or lost in transit. (Miss this and you are not going to Canada anytime soon.)
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to submit the entire application all by yourself from start to finish until you bag your Canadian PR status, without giving one kobo to any agent, whether they're in Nigeria or outside (I have seen people spend up to $5000 on this. I show you how to save it for yourself).
  • Take it a step further, after you get permanent residency (PR) and upgrade your PR status to full Canadian citizenship and more.

All these and more for just...

N25,000 only.


Yes, you read right.

Only =N=25,000 and you get a copy of this step-by-step masterpiece.

So why =N=25,000?

First, you must understand that...

We do not want to work with everybody!


It's not pride, it's just that we've done this long enough to know that a lot of people are time wasters, we hope you are not one of such people. 

They say they want to relocate but aren't ready to follow up on the process or do what needs to be done to secure the Canadian Stamp.

We can only work with serious people who are proactive and are willing to do what needs to be done.

Secondly, the process involves some amount of money (more details on this in the book), which you will not be paying to me but to the appropriate organizations

Am going to be as Blunt and truthful as
possible on this page?
So kindly bear with me.

You see the chances are, if you can't afford to pay N25,000 to get the information you need, you definitely won't be able to pay for these other associated costs of applying for the PR, so you should forget about relocating to Canada for now and focus on something else over there in Nigeria.

Also, because people pay as much as N700,000  to N2,000,000 for  Visas like Tourist Visas, Business Visas, Student Visas that cannot give you a Permanent Residence e.t.c.,

N25,000 is almost nothing. 

The PR is a class above all other kinds of Visas and in just 3 years of having your PR, you become a Canadian Citizen (We'll show you how).

What can N25,000 buy you in today's Nigeria?

Nothing as valuable as this.

Would you rather spend hundreds of thousands of Naira, I mean anywhere from 600,000 Naira to 1 Million on an Agent with no guarantees or spend just N25,000 for guidance on how you can do it yourself and take the same steps the Agents would have done on your behalf?

Its all left to you.

Remember, you'll be shown exactly what to do step by step all through the application process.

At this point, it's needless to tell you what you would have to spend if you want to go through an Agency and they will not offer you half of the value we are offering... that's if you don't get scammed in the process.

Look, There's a lot of information online, a lot of them are similar. They all contain the same general information which will only get you into the pool but will never be enough to help you scale the cutoff marks. That's because there are some little, often overlooked point boosters that very few people know off and even fewer take time to go after them. We will show you how to scrape every point you can because you may be needing them, in the end, to scale through.

Need this guide now?



N25,000 gets you this guide, but it doesn't end there because, if you buy today, you also get, for free, these 3 Quick-Action bonus reports:

Quick-Action Bonus #1

Full membership inside my exclusive Move To Canada Telegram Group Chat

This Exclusive Move To Canada Group Chat is where I and other applicants like yourself - who used, are using and intend to use my guide book - discuss steps and challenges through the application process. Inside this Private by-invitation-only group, I'll be available 24/7 to answer all questions you might have about the application process. You will also meet other applicants who are in the advanced stages of the application process.  

Value: N50,000

Quick-Action Bonus #2

My e-mail and WhatsApp Phone Number

​I will also give you my phone number (WhatsApp) so you can get in touch when necessary.

Value: N50,000

Quick-Action Bonus #3

Free Unlimited Updates

I will continue to update you on changes made by the IRCC whenever they make any. These updates will be announced to you in the group chat as soon as possible to open up more options for you to have a successful application

Value: Priceless

The truth is that this low price won’t be available for long 

It will change in less than 48 hours, however, I want to allow as many people to get in before it goes to the price of 40,000 Naira.

The Bonuses alone are worth over N150,000.

TODAY'S PRICE: N25,000 Only

But wait! There's more!

I am offering you a 14 day 100% No-Arguments Guarantee

What Does This Mean

If after ordering for this guide and you feel it's not worth it or not as comprehensive to guide you through the application process plus the support group given to you as bonuses.

You can simply request your money back which simply means you do not have to carry any risk whatsoever. 

But you have to hurry. 

Simply follow the link below now to get yourself a copy of this guide and join us today

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